Iroquois 1

1901                                  Iroquois     1                                  1927 (1984)

Steel Great Lakes day excursion passenger vessel

Built at Toledo OH by Craig Shipbuilding Co., Hull 83
Launched July 15, 1901

223’6” LOA, 200’ LBP, 34’ beam, 21’3” depth
3 decks, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1000 IHP

Enrolled at Toledo OH July 15, 1901 (#1)
214.0 x 34.4 x 21.2, 1169 GT, 795 NT     US 100730     to:
Craig Shipbuilding Co., Toledo OH (home port Toledo OH)

Reenrolled at Marquette MI July 22, 1901 (#1) to:
Arnold Transit Co., Mackinac Island MI (home port Mackinac Island MI)

Chartered 1902 to White Line Transit Co., Duluth MN, W. H. Singer, Mgr.

Chartered for most of the time she remained on the Great Lakes, from service on Lake Michigan to service on Lake Ontario

Sold Oct 1906 for off-Lakes service on the U. S. West Coast and left the Great Lakes.  Great Lakes enrollment surrendered at Detroit MI Oct 31, 1906.  The trip from New York NY to the Pacific Coast took 64 days around Cape Horn (this was before the Panama Canal was built), including 17 days lost waiting for fuel at a South American port.

Sold 1920 to Chicago & South Haven Steamship Co., Chicago IL and returned to the Great Lakes

Sold 1927 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Renamed Alaska Shell 1973

Scuttled off Alaskan coast 1984

See history in Detroit Marine Historian July-Aug 1954 (#56)
Also in Great Lakes Ships We Remember p. 229



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