(1919) 1925                                  Jack                                  1941 (1942)

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size bulk freighter

Built at Lorain OH by American Ship Building Co., Hull 755
Launched Feb 20, 1919
Built as Lake Fresco for the United States Shipping Board for off-Lakes service during World War I and left the Great Lakes

261’ LOA, 251’ LBP, 43’ beam, 28’2” depth
1 deck, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1300 IHP

Enrolled at
251.0 x 43.6 x 26.2, 2622 GT, 1617 NT     US 217851

Sold Jan 15, 1925 to Jack Steamship Corporation, Duluth MN, a subsidiary of Minnesota-Atlantic Transit Co. (home port to Duluth MN), renamed Jack and returned to the Great Lakes
(Probably for tax and company security reasons, each vessel of the “Poker Fleet” was owned by a separate corporation.)

Entered Great Lakes service 1925

Fleet sold 1936 to Terminals & Transportation Co., Buffalo NY

Sold 1941 to U.S. War Shipping Administration for off-Lakes service during World War II and left the Great Lakes

Torpedoed and sunk May 27, 1942 in Caribbean Sea.  Enroute from Ponce PR with cargo of sugar.  Some of her survivors were rescued after spending 32 days on a life raft.



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