Jewett, H. J.

1882                                               H. J. Jewett                       1915 (1921)

Iron Great Lakes package freighter

Built at Buffalo NY by Union Dry Dock Co., Hull 25

286’ LOA, 265’ LBP, 40’ beam, 26’ depth
2 decks, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, steeple compound engine, 850 IHP

Enrolled at Buffalo NY Sept 22, 1882 (#16)               
265.5 x 39.7 x 13.6, 1953.58 GT, 1722.20 NT     US 95712     to:
Union Steamboat Co., Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY) (a subsidiary of the Erie Railroad Co.)

Entered service 1882

Fleet went into receivership 1894.  John King and J. G. McCullough were appointed receivers. Reorganized 1896 as Union Steamboat Line

Renamed Binghamton 1902

Fleet reorganized 1913 as Erie Railroad Lake Line

Sold 1915 for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Stranded July 19, 1921 on Gannet Rock Ledge, Atlantic Ocean and burned.  Enroute from New York City to France.










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