Lake Pleasant

(1918) 1930                                Lake Pleasant                            1943 (1957)

Steel bulk freight barge

Built at Ashtabula OH by Great Lakes Engineering Works, Hull 191
Laid down as the general cargo freighter War Sprite for Cunard Steamship Co., agent for British War Marine for off-Lakes service during World War I.  Requisitioned by United States Shipping Board, completed as Lake Pleasant and left the Great Lakes upon completion

261’6” LOA, 254’6” LBP, 43’6” beam, 22’6” depth
1 deck, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1500 IHP

Enrolled at
253.5 x 43.5 x 22.5, 2221 GT, 1344 NT     US 216738 

Sold 1925 from the postwar reserve fleet to Ford Motor Co., Detroit MI and returned to the Great Lakes
Converted to barge and lengthened 62’ at River Rouge MI by Great Lakes Engineering Works
Remeasured to  316.5 x 43.7 x 20.7, 2644 GT, 2496 NT

Entered Great Lakes service 1930

Requisitioned 1943 for off-Lakes service during World War II and left the Great Lakes via Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.  Repowered before she left with one of the twin triple expansion engines from str. Maitland No. 1 (the other went into the requisitioned barge Lake Sapor).

Renamed Stamo (Panama) 1946 and Adriatica (Greece) 1950

Stranded Nov 5, 1956, refloated and towed to shipyard but found to be damaged beyond economical repair.  Scrapped in Scotland in 1957



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