Lakeshell 1

1932                                           Lakeshell     1                                    1973

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size tanker

Built at Newcastle-on-Tyne England by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Hull 1426
Launched March 19, 1932

260’ LOA, 253’ LBP, 43’6” beam, 17’6” depth
1 deck, oil-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 900 IHP

Enrolled at
253.0 x 43.5 x 17.7, 1852 GT, 1080 NT     Br 161565     to:
Dominion Tankers Ltd., Toronto ON, John A. McDougald, Mgr. (home port Newcastle-on-Tyne England)

Entered service 1932 (first trip up Welland Canal May 17, 1932; made eleven trips to Upper Lakes in 1932)

Renamed John A. McDougald 1933

Transferred 1941 to Shell Canadian Tankers Ltd.

Enrollment transferred to Canada     Can 161565     (home port to Toronto ON)

Pilot house replaced 1948
Remeasured to 1876 GT, 1073 NT

Renamed Eastern Shell  (1) 1950

Transferred 1968 to Shell Canada Ltd. 

Transferred 1969 to Canadian Fuel Marketers Ltd., fuel oil subsidiary of Shell Canada Ltd. and renamed Fuel Marketer  (1)

Renamed Western Shell  (2) 1970.  Vessel never operated under this name;  she was renamed to free up the Fuel Marketer name for renaming another vessel).

Sold 1971 to The Big D Line Ltd., Chatham ON and renamed Alfred Cytacki 
(Apparently this name was never officially registered with the Canadian government although it was printed on her bows.  The vessel was to be operated as a barge but the operation was unsuccessful.)

Sold for scrap 1973 to United Metals Co., Hamilton ON and scrapped there.

IMO 5096195





See history in Scanner Nov 1997 (#238)


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