Lockwood, C.B.

1890                                  C. B. Lockwood                                  1902


Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter


Built at Cleveland OH by Thomas Quayle’s Sons
Launched June 25, 1890

292’9” LOA, 285’ LBP, 45’ beam, 19’ depth

1 deck, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 900 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH June 30, 1890 (#134)
285.2 x 45.0 x 18.9, 2139.01 GT, 1733.44 NT     US 126650     to:
Lockwood Taylor Hardware Co. 1/10 et al., Cleveland OH (home port Cleveland OH)

Entered service 1890

Transferred 1895 to Commercial Transit Co. (home port to Fairport OH)

Sold 1900 to Inland Star Transit Co., Cleveland OH, J. C. Gilchrist, Mgr.

Foundered Oct 13, 1902  13 miles north northwest of Fairport OH, Lake Erie.  Ten lives lost of 19 aboard.  The survivors, in a lifeboat, were rescued by str. Nisbet Grammer.  The other lifeboat was found upside down on the beach.  Enroute from Duluth MN to Buffalo NY with cargo of wheat.  Enrollment surrendered June 17, 1903.

(Her short career was apparently troubled:  sunk in 1895 in the lower Detroit River, again in 1900 and stranded in 1901 at Milwaukee WI.)




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