1902                                  Luzon                                  1971


Steel Great Lakes bulk freighter


Built at Chicago IL by Chicago Shipbuilding Co., Hull 54

Launched April 2, 1902

366’ LOA, 346’ LBP, 48’ beam, 28’ depth

1 deck, hold beams, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1250 IHP

Enrolled at Chicago IL April 18, 1902 (#59)

346.0 x 48.2 x 24.0, 3582 GT, 2778 NT     US 141783     to:

American Ship Building Co., Cleveland OH

Reenrolled at Cleveland OH April 26, 1902 (#78) to:

Erie Steamship Co., Erie PA, E. D. Carter, Mgr. (home port to Erie PA)

Entered service 1902

Cargo hold rebuilt 1912 to arch construction at Buffalo NY by Buffalo Ship Building Co.

Sold Dec 13, 1915 to Paisley Steamship Co., Cleveland OH (home port to Fairport OH)

Transferred Dec 27, 1916 to Morrow Steamship Co., Cleveland OH

(Acquired to tow the recently purchased barge George E. Hartnell)

Renamed John Anderson 1924

Home port to Wilmington DE 1932

Renamed G. G. Post 1933

Sold 1934 to Columbia Transportation Co., Cleveland OH

Converted 1936 to crane vessel at Cleveland OH by American Ship Building Co.

Remeasured 1942 to 352.9 length and 3428 GT, 2889 NT

Remeasured 1954 to 3428 GT, 2889 NT

Laid up 1961 at Sturgeon Bay WI and did not operate again for this fleet

Transferred 1965 to Silloc Ltd., Port Colborne ON, a subsidiary of Oglebay Norton Co.

Enrolled Canadian at 353.5 x 48.2 x 24.0, 3598 GT, 2351 NT     Can 307982

Sold for scrap 1970 to Royal Marine Transport Co.  Loaded scrap at Detroit MI and laid up for the winter at Ojibway ON.  Buyer defaulted.  Sold 1971 to Marine Salvage Co., Port Colborne ON.  Resold to Turkish shipbreakers.  Cleared Sorel QC under tow Sept 21, 1972.  Tow arrived Izmir Turkey Oct 30, 1972.




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