1899                                  Malietoa                                  1963

Steel Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Lorain OH by Cleveland Ship Building Co., Hull 36
Launched Aug 5, 1899
Laid down for Elbert Gary’s Federal Steel Texas, the fleet probably to have been known as National Steamship Co. and managed by A. B. Wolvin.  Sold during construction and launched as Malietoa.

474’ LOA, 450’ LBP, 50’ beam, 29’ depth
1 deck, hold beams, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, quadruple expansion engine, 1400 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH Sept 13, 1899 (#38)
454.0 x 50.0 x 24.3, 5229 GT, 3921 NT     US 92973     to:
Minnesota Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, Pickands Mather & Co., Mgr. (home port Ashtabula OH
Fleet owned by Minnesota Iron Mining Co. (parent company controlled by J. P. Morgan’s Federal  Steel Co. 1900-1901)

Entered service Oct 1899

Fleet merged spring 1901 into Pittsburgh Steamship Co., Duluth MN, a subsidiary of United States Steel Corporation, A. B. Wolvin, Mgr. (home port to Duluth MN)

Cargo hold rebuilt 1926 to arch construction at Conneaut OH
Remeasured to 454.0 x 50.1 x 24.6, 4584 GT, 3870 NT

Fleet reincorporated 1949 in Delaware (home port to Wilmington DE)

Fleet merged July 1951 into parent United States Steel Corporation (home port to New York NY)

Sold 1954 to Jupiter Steamship Co., Cleveland OH

Transferred 1960 to Ohio Transportation Inc., Cleveland OH, a subsidiary of Jupiter Steamship Co.

Sold for scrap 1963 to Acme Scrap Iron & Metal Co.  Scrapped at Ashtabula OH

See history in Scanner April 2009 (#320)



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