McKinstry, A.E.

1910                                  A. E. McKinstry                                  1940 (1946)

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size bulk freighter

Built at Glasgow Scotland by Clyde Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Hull 290

258’ LOA, 250’ LBP, 42’7” beam, 20’6” depth
1 deck, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 700 IHP

Enrolled at Glasgow Scotland
250.4 x 42.7 x 18.3, 1964 GT, 1203 NT     Br 129491     to:
Interlake Transit Co., Montreal QC, J. W. Norcross, Mgr. (home port Glasgow Scotland)

Entered service 1910

Fleet merged 1912 into Canadian Interlake Line.

Fleet merged 1913 into Canada Steamship Lines, Montreal QC

Enrollment transferred to Canada 1915     Can 129491     (home port to Montreal QC)

Chartered 1915 for off-Lakes service during World War I and left the Great Lakes.

Remeasured 1916 to 1999 GT, 1190 NT

Returned 1922 to former owners and returned to the Great Lakes.

Renamed Kindersley 1926

Requisitioned 1940 for off-Lakes service during World War II and left the Great Lakes.

Scuttled Oct 1, 1946 off the English coast with a cargo of 2074 tons of obsolete ammunition.



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