1862                                         Merchant                                           1875

Iron Great Lakes package freighter

Built at Buffalo NY by David Bell

1 deck, coal-fired boiler, low pressure engine

Enrolled at Buffalo NY Aug 2, 1862 (#117)
189’3” x 29’2” x 13’8”, 720 61/95 tons     US 16332     to:
Edwin T. Evans, Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)

Remeasured 1865 under new measurement rules at 194.6 x 29.1 x 13.0, 861.18 tons and 2 decks

Sold 1873 to  Erie & Western Transportation Co., Erie PA (home port to Erie PA) Great Lakes vessel fleet of Pennsylvania Railroad, also known as the “Anchor Line”

Remeasured 1873 to 1068.66 tons

Stranded Oct 6, 1875 on Racine Reef, Lake Michigan.  No lives lost.  Cargo of 30,000 bushels of corn and 1200 barrels of flour.  Vessel broke up and her machinery was saved.  Enrollment surrendered June 30, 1979 









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