Mercury 1

1937                              Mercury     1                                     1967 (1967)

Steel twin-screw St. Lawrence River canal size tanker

Built at Beaumont TX by Pennsylvania Shipyards Inc., Hull 116
Launched June 1937

258’ LOA, 250’ LBP, 43’ beam, 16’6” depth
1 deck, 2 oil-fired diesel engines, 960 BHP

Enrolled at
250.8 x 43.0 x 16.3, 1518 GT, 1182 NT     US 236327     to:
Tankers Inc., Cleveland OH, Cleveland Tankers Inc., Mgr. (home port Wilmington DE)

Entered service 1937

Transferred 1940 to Allied Oil Transport Corporation, Cleveland Tankers Inc., Mgr.

Transferred 1942 to Cleveland Tankers Inc., Cleveland OH

Sold 1947 to Lakeland Tankers Ltd., Toronto ON and renamed Lubrolake.
Enrolled Canadian     Can 178932     (home port to Toronto ON)

Remeasured to 1645 GT, 1225 NT

Sold for scrap 1967 to United Metals & Refining Ltd.  Resold for off-Lakes service and left the Great Lakes

Stranded Dec 2, 1967 off Cape Breton Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence.  The vessel had been intended for use as a barge bunkering fishing tugs in the Maritime provinces but was lost while being towed to her new service station.

 See history in Great Lakes Ships We Remember III p. 230




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