Nicholas, I.W.

1894                                  I. W. Nicholas                                  1937

Steel Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Cleveland OH by Cleveland Ship Building Co., Hull 20
Launched Aug 11, 1894

340’ LOA, 328’ LBP, 42’ beam, 27’ depth
2 decks,  hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 950 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH Sept 14, 1894 (#6)
328.3 x 42.0 x 21.9, 2624.03 GT, 1857.14 NT     US 100589     to:
Minch Transit Co., Cleveland OH, Philip G. Minch, Mgr. (home port Rockport OH)

Entered service 1894

Stranded Nov 27, 1913 on the north point of Thunder Bay, Lake Huron and abandoned to the underwriters as a constructive total loss.  Enrollment surrendered Dec 3, 1913.

Wreck sold 1914 to Reid Wrecking Co., Sarnia ON and rebuilt at Port Huron MI.  To 1 deck and shortened to Welland Canal length.  Renamed Inland (home port to Sarnia ON).
Enrolled Canadian 248.0 x 42.0 x 21.5, 1889 GT, 1098 NT     Can 140317

Sold Jan 27, 1916 to Standard Shipping Co., Sarnia ON

Sold late 1916 for off-Lakes service during World War I and left the Great Lakes.  Returned to United States registry

Remeasured on U. S. registry to 1888 GT (other dimensions & NT unchanged)

Sold Oct 22, 1922 to Iroquois Steamship Corporation, Buffalo NY, Brown & Co., Mgr. and returned to the Great Lakes (home port to Buffalo NY)

Scrapped 1936 at Buffalo NY



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