1871                                      Northerner                                 1892

Wooden Great Lakes package freight barge

Built at Marine City MI by John J. Hill
Launched May 13, 187

2 decks

Enrolled at Detroit MI June 7, 1776 (#91)
220.0 x 34.6 x 14.0, 1214.45 tons (1038.38 NT 1882)     US 67128     to:
John M. Nicol et al (Nicol & Eber Ward ½ each), Detroit MI (Home port Detroit MI)

Built for Ward’s Lake Superior Line but chartered in later years to Union Transit Co. and Crescent Line.

Converted to propeller 1880
Remeasured to 13.0 depth

Caught fire Nov 12, 1886 at Kelley’s Island, Lake Erie, from cargo of lime and sank.  Enrollment surrendered Nov 30, 1886.  Raised May 3, 1887 and towed to Cleveland OH, where she was rebuilt as a bulk freighter.

Reenrolled at Cleveland OH Aug 22, 1887 (Temp #16) to:
Thomas Maytham, Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY) and returned to service.
Reenrolled at 220.0 x 37.0 x 13.3, 1391.41 GT, 1136.33 NT

Permanent enrollment at Buffalo NY Sept 28, 1887 (#18)

Sold 1891 to C. H. Blakeslee.

Burned Dec 12, 1892 at L’Anse MI.  Enroute to Ashland WI with a cargo of oil, she had stranded on Dec 7 at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula.  She dumped part of her cargo into Lake Superior and put into L’Anse on Dec 12, where she caught fire and sank at the end of the dock.  Enrollment surrendered Dec 12, 1892.  The hull was blasted out in the 1920s when Ford Motor Co. built new docks in the area.






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