Packer, Harry E.

1882                                  Harry E. Packer                                1923

Wooden Great Lakes package freighter

Built at Cleveland OH by Thomas Quayle’s Sons

242’ LOA, 225’ LBP, 35’ beam, 19’ depth
2 decks, coal-fired boilers, fore and aft compound engine, 550 IHP

Enrolled at Buffalo NY Sept 9, 1882 (#12)
225.8 x 35.2 x 17.3, 1142.37 GT, 962.83 NT     US 95711     to:
Lehigh Valley Transportation Co., Buffalo NY (home port to Buffalo NY)

Entered service 1882

Sold late 1899 to Iroquois Iron Co.,

Sold 1904 to Tonawanda Iron & Steel Co., North Tonawanda NY, Charles Weston, Mgr.

Sold 1912 to D. E. Russell, Buffalo NY

Sold 1913 to Rogers Transportation Co., Buffalo NY

Sold 1913 to George P. Plunkett, Cobourg ON (home port to Cobourg ON)
U. S. enrollment surrendered Dec 23, 1913
Enrolled Canadian to 224.7 x 35.4 x 17.1, 1183 GT, 810 NT     Can 116815  

Sold 1916 to Chatham Steamship Co., Toronto ON, Lorne C. Webster, Mgr. (home port to Montreal QC)

Transferred 1918 to Webster Steamship Co. and renamed Eric W. 

Sold 1923 to Tree Line Navigation Co, Montreal QC, a subsidiary of Ogilvie Flour Mills Co. (registered to Birchbay Steamship Co.) and renamed Birchbay.

Stranded Aug 10, 1923 off Portneuf QC, St. Lawrence River.  Enrollment surrendered 1924.





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