1855                                              Planet                                             1872

Wooden sidewheel Great Lakes passenger and package freight vessel

Built at Newport MI by James Bushnell
Launched May 14, 1855

1 deck, coal-fired boilers, vertical beam engine,
Engine was originally installed in str. Canada of 1846, which was converted to a bark;  then to str. Caspian of 1851, which was wrecked in 1852;  then to str. E. K. Collins of  1853, which burned in 1854 at Amherstburg ON.  In 1867 it was installed in the new str Northwest.  It finally wore out in 1877 and Northwest was repowered.

Enrolled at Detroit MI Aug 14, 1855 (#105)
261’10” x 33’2” x 13’8”, 1153 85/95 tons     to:
Eber B. Ward, Detroit MI (home port Newport MI)

Sold 1859 to Walter G. Gurnee, Chicago IL

Sold 1860 to Orrin W. Potter, Chicago IL

Remeasured 1860 to 257’1” x 32’11” x 12’1”, 993 62/95 tons

Repowered 1861

Sold 1863 to Capt. Albert E. Goodrich, Chicago IL

Remeasured 1865 under Act of May 6, 1864 (new measuring rules) to 259.7 x 32.7 x 13.7, 780.60 tons US 54228 

Engine failed June 26, 1866 while on run from Chicago IL to Milwaukee WI.  Engine rebuilt and  installed in str. Northwest being built at Manitowoc WI for the fleet.

Converted to lumber barge 1867 at Manitowoc WI and sold to Peshtigo Lumber Co., Chicago IL
Remeasured to 712.08 tons

Became waterlogged Nov 7, 1872 in storm off Two Rivers WI, Lake Michigan carrying a cargo of lumber  and foundered.  Seven lives lost.  Enrollment surrendered June 30, 1874.







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