Plattsburgh Socony

1934                                   Plattsburgh Socony                         19

Steel twin-screw New York State Barge Canal size tanker

Built at Mariners Harbor NY by United Dry Docks Inc., Hull 823
One of a fleet of similar size vessels built for service between East Coast ports and Great Lakes ports through the New York State Barge Canal.  This service continued into the 1950s.

260’ LOA, 252’ LBP, 40’ beam, 14’ depth
1 deck, 2 oil-fired diesel engines, 700 BHP

Enrolled at
251.3 x 40.1 x 12.8, 1242 GT, 779 NT     US 233334     to:               
Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., New York NY

Lengthened and repowered 1956 at Avondale LA by Avondale Marine Ways

Renamed Mobil Albany 1962 and Chester A. Poling 1968 (both after having left Great Lakes service)

Broke in two Jan 10, 1977 off Massachusetts, Atlantic Ocean and sank





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