Presley, George

1889                                    George Presley                                  1905

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Cleveland OH by Globe Iron Works, Hull 23

280’ LOA, 265’ LBP, 41’ beam, 20’ depth
1 deck, hold beams, coal-fired boilers, fore and aft compound engine, 750 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH May 29, 1889 (#135)
265.0 x 41.0 x 20.0, 1936.24 GT, 1602.46 NT     US 86038     to:
Henry J. Johnson 6/24 et al., Cleveland OH (home port Cleveland OH)

Entered service 1889

Transferred 1897 to Mona Transportation Co. (home port to Fairport OH)

Rebuilt 1900
Remeasured to 23.7 depth and 2164 GT, 1830 NT

Burned June 26, 1905 off Washington Island, Green Bay, Lake Michigan.  Downbound with cargo of iron ore.  Grounded in fog and fire started in paint locker and spread to the rest of the vessel.  No lives lost.  Enrollment surrendered Dec 20, 1905.



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