1880                                        Progress                                   1921

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Milwaukee WI by Wolf & Davidson

256’ LOA, 255’ LBP, 37’ beam, 21’ depth
2 decks, coal-fired boiler, steeple compound engine, 900 IHP

Enrolled at Milwaukee WI Oct 12, 1880 (#45)
255.2 x 37.0 x 19.8, 1596.20 tons (1309.95 NT 1882)     US 150205     to:
Willam H. Wolf, Milwaukee WI (home port Milwaukee WI)

Enterred service 1880

Sold 1889 to Inter State Transit Co., Milwaukee WI, Ferdinand Schlesinger, Mgr.

Sold 1893 to Progress Transportation Co., Detroit MI (home port to Detroit MI)

Sold 1899 to James Corrigan, Cleveland OH (home port to Fairport OH)

Stranded Nov 24, 1905 Green Bay, Lake Michigan and abandoned to the underwriters as a constructive total loss.  No lives lost.  Enrollment surrendered June 30, 1906.

Recovered 1906 and sold to Charles S. Neff, Milwaukee WI
Redocumented at previous dimensions and tonnages

Sold 1908 to Edward Gillen Dock, Dredge & Construction Co., Racine WI

Reduced to barge
Remeasured to 844 GT, 844 NT

Sold 1917 to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co., Milwaukee WI

Abandoned 1921 at Milwaukee WI







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