Riddle, J.Q.

1906                                  J. Q. Riddle                                  1962


Steel Great Lakes bulk freighter


Built at Lorain OH by American Ship Building Co., Hull 344
Launched June 30, 1906

552’ LOA, 532’ LBP, 56’ beam, 31’ depth

1 deck, arch hold construction, hatches @ 12’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 1760 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH Aug 4, 1906 (#23)
532.0 x 56.0 x 31.0, 6832 GT, 5376 NT     US 203377     to:
Milwaukee Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, A. H. Hawgood, Mgr. (home port Fairport OH)

Entered service 1906

Transferred 1911 to Commonwealth Steamship Co., Cleveland OH

Sold summer 1914 to Scott Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, a subsidiary of American Ship Building

Co., M. A. Hanna & Co., Mgr. and renamed J. J. Turner.
(The stockholders of Commonwealth Steamship Co. had filed a lawsuit against American Ship Building Co. in 1911, charging that they had paid illegal construction rebates to William A. and Arthur H. Hawgood, who were salaried employees of Commonwealth, on the construction of several Commonwealth vessels, and demanding payment by the shipyard of the difference between the contract prices charged and the net payments received by them on the vessels.  In the final settlement the strs. Sheldon Parks, J. Q. Riddle and Abraham Stearn were returned to American Ship – the others involved having already been sold by Commonwealth to other operators – and Scott Steamship Co. was organized to own them.)

Fleet sold Oct 18, 1918 to Calumet Transportation Co., Cleveland OH, M. A. Hanna & Co., Mgr.

Transferred 1930 to Producers Steamship Co.

Renamed George R. Fink  (1) 1931

Home port to Wilmington DE 1932

Transferred 1937 to National Steel Corporation

Renamed Thomas E. Millsop  (1) 1952

Sold 1953 to Midwest Steamship Co., Detroit MI, T. H. Browning, Mgr. (home port to Detroit MI)

Renamed W. Wayne Hancock 1955

Transferred 1957 to Browning Lines Inc.

Sold for scrap 1962 to Marine Salvage Ltd., Port Colborne ON.  Resold to Italian shipbreakers.

Foundered Dec 8, 1962 in storm 30 miles SE of Azores Islands, Atlantic Ocean enroute under tow to Italy.


See history in Detroit Marine Historian Feb 1954 (#52)
Also in Great Lakes Ships We Remember p. 182




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