Scott, Thomas A.

1869                                     Thomas A. Scott                            1882

Wooden Great Lakes

Built at Buffalo NY by Hitchcock & Gibson
Launched April 28, 1869

2 decks, coal-fired boiler, low pressure engine,

Enrolled at Buffalo NY May 12, 1869 (#207)
201.0 x 33.7 x 13.8, 1159.32 tons     US 24785      to:
J. C. and E. T. Evans et al., Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)
(J. C. & E. T. Evans ¾, William Wells ¼)

Sold 1871 to Erie & Western Transportation Co., Erie PA (home port to Erie PA)
Great Lakes fleet of Pennsylvania Railroad, also known as “Anchor Line”

Foundered Nov 18, 1882.  Enrollment surrendered June 20, 1883.






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