St. Paul

1897                                  St. Paul                                  1943 (1949)

Steel St. Lawrence River canal size package freighter

Built at Chicago IL by Chicago Ship Building Co., Hull 28
Launched April 24, 1897

254’6” LOA, 238’ LBP, 42’ beam, 26’ depth
2 decks, hatches @ 24’, coal-fired boilers, triple expansion engine, 700 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH April 24, 1897 (#125)
238.0 x 42.2 x 22.2, 2029.41 GT, 1221.92 NT     US 116762     to:
Lower-Lake Steamship Co., Cleveland OH, R. R. Rhodes, Mgr. (home port Fairport OH)

Entered service 1897

Sold 1907 to Mutual Transit Co., Buffalo NY

Sold Dec 24, 1915 to Charles W. Morse & Co. for off-Lakes service and left Great Lakes.

Renamed Eduardo Sala (Cuba) 1916

Sold June 1922 to Rutland-Lake Michigan Transit Co., Chicago IL, D. Sullivan & Co., Mgr. (home port to Chicago IL), returned to the Great Lakes and renamed Bennington (2)

Cargo hold rebuilt 1929 to arch construction and converted to crane equipped bulk freighter at Chicago IL by Calumet Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.
Remeasured to 243.7 x 42.2 x 22.5, 2082 GT, 1467 NT

Transferred 1931 to Gartland Steamship Co., Chicago IL

Requisitioned 1942 by U. S. War Shipping Administration, Washington D.C. for off-Lakes service during World War II and left Great Lakes.

Returned briefly during 1943 under charter to previous owners.

Scrapped 1949 at Baltimore MD



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