Tuttle, Horace A.

1887                                   Horace A. Tuttle                                   1898

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Cleveland OH by William H. Radcliffe

2 decks, coal-fired boilers, fore and aft compound engine,

Enrolled at Cleveland OH April 29, 1887 (#81)
250.0 x 38.8 x 20, 1585.12 GT, 1354.95 NT     US 95908     to:
H. J. Johnson ¼, Philip Minch 3/16 et al., Cleveland OH (home port Cleveland OH)

Entered service 1887

Transferred 1895 to Nicholas Transit Co. (home port to Fairport OH later in the year)

Wrecked Oct 26, 1898 off Michigan City IN.  Had left Chicago IL with cargo of corn for Buffalo NY.  Hatches stove in during northwest gale and hatches began to fill with water.  Ran for Michigan City, where a life saving station was located.  Struck the bar off the harbor entrance and grounded.  No lives lost.  Enrollment surrendered Nov 18, 1898.






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