1886                                    Veronica                                   1919

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Milwaukee WI by Milwaukee Ship Yard Co., Hull 24
Launched Sept 9, 1886

210’ LOA, 202’ LBP, 34’6” beam, 19’ depth
1 deck, hold beams, coal-fired boiler, fore and aft compound engine, 625 IHP

Enrolled at Milwaukee WI Sept 29, 1886 (#27)
202.0 x 34.8 x 18.0, 1093.02 GT, 880.70 NT     US 161560     to:
Conrad H. Starke and William H. Meyer (1/4 each) et al (Milwaukee Tug Boat Line), Milwaukee WI (home port Milwaukee WI)
(Vessel named for Mrs. C. H. Starke)

Entered service Oct 1886

Sold 1899 to Tonawanda Iron & Steel Co., Tonawanda NY

Out of commission seasons of 1909-1912

Sold  late 1913 to Standard Navigation Co., Buffalo NY

Sold March 1, 1919 to Steamer Muriel W., Montreal QC, a subsidiary of Canada Import Co., Webster Steamship Co., Lorne C. Webster, Mgr. and renamed Muriel W. 
Enrolled Canadian     Can 138505    

Wrecked Aug 11, 1919 near Port Weller ON, Lake Ontario.  Struck sunken crib and sank.  Broke in two in storm the following day.







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