Wright, Alfred P.

1888                                      Alfred P. Wright                             1915

Wooden Great Lakes bulk freighter

Built at Cleveland OH by Thomas Quayle’s Sons

300’ LOA, 286’ LBP, 41’6” beam, 23’8” depth
2 decks, coal-fired boiler, double steeple compound engine, 1600 IHP

Enrolled at Cleveland OH May 21, 1888 (Temp #117)
286.0 x 41.5 x 22.3, 2207.23 GT, 1899.51     US 106539     to:
Frank Perew, Buffalo NY (home port Buffalo NY)

Entered service 1888

Permanent enrollment at Buffalo NY May 22, 1888 (#62)

Sold 1892 to J. C. Gilchrist, Cleveland OH (home port to Vermillion OH)

Transferred 1897 to Gilchrist Transportation Co.  

Home port to Fairport OH 1903

Sold 1913 to Buckeye Steamship Co., Duluth MN (home port to Duluth MN)

Burned Nov 16, 1915 at Portage Entry MI, Lake Superior.  No lives lost.  Enroute from Duluth MN to Buffalo NY with cargo of wheat, sought shelter from storm in lower entry to Keweenaw Waterway, fire began in coal bunker.  Hull later refloated, towed into Lake Superior and scuttled.





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